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After a gym

Nylon foot smelling

by Nicole on November 18, 2010 · 8 comments

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Do you crave to smell my worn lovely sneakers after a long hard sweaty workout? I would love to see you kneel and carefully unlace my shoes when I come home. You would stare and lust for me dressed for gym but also wearing nylons. Expensive stockings that I know smell strongly of me and which you have admitted you desperately desire to hold.

Maybe I would allow you to touch my warm silky damp nylons as you remove my pungent gym shoes. The shoes will be very very very aromatic from tonight’s and all other work outs the past few months.

Imagine sniffing my shoes obidiently and then looking up to see if I will allow you to sniff my hosed clammy delicate feet. Dream that I grant you this privilege and that you gently grasp my beautul right foot and then inhale intensely as you accept your role at my feet.

I might feel generous and so wiggle my toes and rub my luxurious soles all over your face and your hungry appreciative lips. You will smell and taste my sweat and you will desire that this submissive sublime moment last a lifetime.

Whisper now that you so enjoy serving me and worshipping my hosed stinky beautiful feet. Crave to live beneath me.

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