Probably our best foot smelling video yet!

by Nicole on March 4, 2011 · 6 comments

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Just posted – new fantastic foot smelling clip (with sound). Sultry scenes, unsurpassed sensuality, impeccable quality close-up shots. Log in to the members area, put on your headphones and enjoy this high definition clip now! (both full-screen playback and download available, video duration 5:04min)

Tonight my most loyal foot friend has returned from a long tiring business trip. Each night we had spoken by phone and I had told him what shoes and stockings I had worn. Each day I whispered into the phone about how strong my feet smelled and daily I teased him about how much I longed to treat him to an hour session where he got to adore my lovely stockinged smelly tired succulent feet. For many days I had worn the same nude sheer stockings. They fit me well, made me feel sexy and each morning as I prepared for work I put them back and I noticed how ripe and sweet and strong my nyloned feet smelled. Just the smell of them excited me too and often I rubbed my toes and then held my fingers to my nose to savor the pungent aroma.

Wouldn’t you love to nuzzle and bury your face in my hose, nose and mouth ready to worship where my splendid feet have rested? Wouldn’t you love to be beside me and touch my worn stockings and embrace my warm strong leg? Imagine being under my nylon feet as I sit comfortably on the chair and allow you moment of intimate private foot bliss.

I invited my friend to my flat and drink in hand, I asked him to lay down on the floor and admire and gaze at my sexy legs and feet in my worn leather pumps. As I removed my shoe I exposed the sole of my foot to my friend. I allowed him to admire my fleshy sole – so soft and pedicured. I allowed him to touch my wrinkly damp sole and I could sense his increased excitement as he grasped and held my slow moving foot. Nothing is better than pleasing my foot worshiper – nothing is better than looking into a good man’s eyes and seeing that something so simple as touching my toes could make all his dreams come true. I whispered encouragement as my friend began to sniff my soft nylon toes.

Imagine being beneath me and I allow you to smell the bottoms of my nyloned feet. Imagine that I gently guide my feet over your face and allow you to leisurely touche taste and smell them. Dream of how my nyloned foot would feel as the silken foot glided past your cheek to your nose. Fantasize that you take hold of my nyloned smelly pretty foot and slowly and carefully smell, hold and cherish it. I want you to love and adore my feminine feet now…

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Check out some stills from the members’ clip:

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    1 arash March 4, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    No doubt its one of the best but I still consider an update by the name of FOOT SMELLING THERAPY back in 2007 as the best foot smelling video ever.
    and why no short sample???


    2 Antonio (Tony) D'Assisto March 5, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Ms. Nicole, que bella femina:

    How much more sensual teasing and temping can a man such I take from You??????? How much I dream of passionately massaging, sensuously kissing/licking/sucking, and playfully tickling Your soft, pretty, perfectly pedicured stockinged and bare feet/toes/soles. Where is the one other Lady in this world such as You with whom I can connect and enjoy the incredible beauty and exquisite pleasure of Foot Worship and Adoration?

    My frustration with the endless search continues……


    3 lifelongfootlover March 6, 2011 at 9:29 am

    What can I say after watching this beautifuil video? And all done in closeups, too, and with sound.Oh, yum, was all I could say as I watched it again and again. I can’t help wondering about one thing, though: Why haven’t you filmed a scene like this to include some deep throat toe sucking? A video like this with some prolonged stockinged toe sucking would be a real treat.


    4 Lucas March 11, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Your videos and your way of being and teasing with your nylon feet almost bring me to tears, i’m dying to know if you will ever, or considered doing private personal sessions? thank you and take care


    5 NAJMID April 13, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Wearing the same nude sheer stockings for many days will most certainly produce the most sought after pungent ripe aroma that only Nicole’s SEXY TOES can .By rubbing your fingers on your SEXY TOES to really cherish the sublime smell is just so unique ,so NICOLE,so sexy.Your wonderous smell really drives me crasy.The way you absolutely ” murder” his nose is the ultimate in domination.Your SEXY SMELLY TOES all over his nose and face gives me a tremendous hardon.I cannot help but jerk off my load.Keep it up Nicole it is so NAJ,NAJ,NAJ,MID,MID ,MID HAI,HAI,HAI


    6 Nai Lonn July 14, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Oh my god, I didn’t really study this one until tonight. I’m sure the mania will pass, but I almost want to give you my whole year’s salary right now just to smell your feet for one night. Your significant other is quite a lucky man – probably one of the luckiest blokes on earth.


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